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E/O cord (Underwater Unplugable) 18 Gauge


Popular in the diving world, and commonly called E/O connectors or cords, these two pole wetmatable underwater electrical connectors are most commonly used by scuba divers to connect lighting systems to battery canisters. These connectors are hermaphroditic so there are no male or female parts, any connector will connect to any other.

These are the connectors used by the majority of diving companies like Halcyon, Light Monkey or BTS on products that use an E/O cord.

This connector consists of an one meter 20 long, EPDM cable with a two pole connector on one end. The 18 gauge cable is extremely flexible and should be used where a smaller more flexible cable is better suited than the larger 16 gauge.

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  • Model: 2P–HM–18-2–1M
  • Series: Diver (E/O)
  • Type: Inline Cable Connector
  • Poles: 2
  • Max Voltage: 300V
  • Max Current: 10A
  • Wet Matable: Yes
  • Cable Type: 2/C 18 AWG SVO
  • Cable length: 39in (1m)
  • Cable Diameter: ~5.5mm
  • Depth Rating: 10,000ft