KeCo Diving Equipment


To obtain a full warranty for your KeCo Diving Equipment products:

1. Keep the receipt / invoice for the purchased KeCo Diving Equipment products.

2. Read the warranty conditions of purchased KeCo Diving Equipment products. If you wish, download and print the warranty. Warranty documents are available for download at any time.

3. Should you need to send your KeCo diving Equipment product to the service, download and fill in the Faulty Goods Return Form, log in at our website to get your ticket – it will be your RAN (Return Authorisation Number). Make sure to obtain RAN prior to shipping the items to the service point.

4. Write down your RAN on the form, send the product(s) back together with required documents to the below address:

KeCo Diving Equipment.

Schrans 96
2440 Geel


IMPORTANT: Please note that parcels form outside the European Union must have all the necessary paperwork for customs. Parcels with incomplete or missing paperwork will not be collected / signed for and may be automatically returned to the Sender. We do not take any responsibility for such parcels and any additional costs you might bear.
All items sent for service must have an open ticket in the Service Centre prior to shipping.