KeCo Diving Equipment

Warranty conditions




  1. KeCo Diving Equipment  products are guaranteed against manufacturing and workmanship defects for 24 months from the original date of purchase. Battery packs supplied with products (where applicable) are covered by 6-month warranty period.
  2. The warranty is valid only with the sales receipt, both should be obligatorily sent with the complaint item(s). Contact us  prior to any shipment to obtain a Return Authorisation Number.
  3. The claim will be considered within thirty days.
  4. Manufacturer’s only obligation if such defects happen during this period is to repair or replace the defective part or product at manufacturer’s sole discretion.
  5. Manufacturer is not responsible for any damages to any equipment and accessories used with KeCo Diving Equipment products.
  6. The delivery cost of the complaint item to the distributor/service point is covered by the Customer and it is Customer’s responsibility to protect the complaint item(s) for the time of transport against any damages or loss.
  7. The delivery of the complaint item back to the distributor/Customer is covered by the service point provided the service/repair falls under warranty conditions. In case of repairs that are not covered by the warranty, the delivery costs to and from the service point are covered by the Customer.
  8. Decision whether service of the complaint item(s) should be treated as covered by the warranty or not is taken only by an authorised service point of light-for-me products.
  9. The complaint item(s) together with the signed warranty and the copy of sales receipt should be sent back to the distributor it was purchased from. Should you wish to send the product(s) directly to one of our service points – contact us prior to any shipment.
  10. Any damages to the product resulting from misuse, improper storage, neglect, failure to perform maintenance as instructed or accident as well as any unauthorized repairs, service and/or modifications are not covered by the warranty.
  11. The warranty in particular does not cover:
  • Mechanical, chemical, thermal or deliberate damages
  • Breaking of the cable connecting the head with the canister (umbilical torches) or E/O connection cables.
  • Damages to E/O heads resulting from improper connecting the head to other accu e/o (improper polarity connection).
  • Damages to the battery pack due to deep discharge
  • Any damages caused by flooding of the torch, E/O head or accu E/O
  • Orings: used or damaged as a result of natural usage
  • Damages resulting from improper usage and storage of the equipment
  • Damages resulting from usage of unauthentic / improper parts
  • Damages resulting from User’s fault or ignorance
  • Wear and tear of the equipment, codura covers, protective cases and/or bags
  1. The above mentioned damages are repaired for a fee. The total cost of service will be given before starting any service works. The service point will not start any service work until the full amount for the repair/service is paid. The service point will not start any service work until the signed warranty card and a copy of purchase is provided.
  2. Manufacturer assumes no liability for any loss, damage, accident or death or any claim related to / resulting from the use of KeCo Diving Equipment products.
  3. Placing an order means that the Customer has read, accepted and agreed with the given warranty conditions.